In this page you will find important information regarding your visit
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The procedure before you visit Mount Athos:

You have to contact the Mount Athos Pilgrims' Office in Thessaloniki so that you can settle all the details. The working hours are 09:00 - 16:00 for Monday to Friday and 09:00 - 14:00 for Saturday. The telephone number for the whole country of Hellas is : 2310-25.25.75, but if you are a foreigner or it just happens to be abroad, you will call : 2310-25.25.78.

You can take your necessary permission ("Diamonitirio") from the Mount Athos Pilgrims' Office in Ouranoupolis (your identity card will be required), short before you board on the ship. Even if you wish to travel at 06:30 in the early morning, you will be normally served by the Office. The working hours of the Holly Mountain's Office in Ouranoupolis are now 05:30 - 13:00 daily, except Sundays: 08:00 - 13:00.

Tips for your trip:

For Sundays:
You can purchase your permission after 08:00 in the morning, attend the Sunday Service in Ouranoupoli's church and depart at 10:30 with the ferry AGIA ANNA or at 11:00 with our highspeed.

For the weekdays:
If you are in Ouranoupolis in the early morning, depart at 06:30 with our ferry AGIA ANNA and gain valuable time, or a little bit later at 08:00, with our highspeed MIKRA AGIA ANNA. For those who won't be ready so early, or will take the bus of 08:45 from Thessaloniki, we remind you the second route of our highspeed MIKRA AGIA ANNA at 11:45.

Mount Athos pilgrim's directives:

1. Your presence and clothing must be decent, as it should at any holy place.
2. Your mobile phones should be switched off in the Church, the Dining Room and the yard of the monasteries and the other Holy Camps.
3. Do not walk without permission in other buildings, out of your hospitality area.
4. Behave quietly in the Church and the Dining Room and respect the program of each Holy Camp.
5. The usage of TVs, radios or music players is prohibited.
6. Smoking, is generally not allowed.
7. Camping in the countryside is strictly forbidden.
8. Hunting is prohibited and you are not allowed to carry guns and dogs.
9. Video recording is strictly prohibited and all such material and devices will be confiscated.
10. Taking photos of monks and inner places is not allowed without any former permission.
11. The duration of your hospitality is four days (3 nights), while at each Holy Camp is one day.
12. If you own a special Diamonitirio, e.g. you are invited by a Holy Camp, do not ask for hospitality elsewhere, because that violates the hospitality rules of Mount Athos.
* Groups over 5 persons are not allowed, except for Military Schools and Church Lyceums.

Useful telephone numbers
Central Bus Station of Halkidiki in Thessaloniki 2310.316.555 / 2310.316.565 / 2310.316.575
Mount Athos Pilgrims' Office in Thessaloniki
For the whole country:
Foreigners / Greeks being abroad:

Mount Athos Pilgrims' Office in Ouranoupolis: 2377.071.422
Port Police of Ierissos: 2377.022.666
Port Police Department of Ouranoupolis: 2377.071.248
Municipal Parking of Ouranoupolis: 2377.071.212

Useful web-pages
Weather forecast for Mount Athos: By
The official page of Halkidiki Bus Service: Halkidiki Buses